Chrome Citizen Messenger bag review

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What is an icon? Literally, a sacred image painted on a wooden or metal tablet. But we know that for almost every word, we have a literal meaning and a figurative one.

So this term of Russian origin ended up by indicating (also) characters, objects and emblematic styles of an era.

Like the Citizen Messanger bag created by Chrome Industries. Iconic at its maximum; a stylistic icon above all.

Of a lifestyle, because you wear it and you feel ready to shoot in the dense reticule of the Big Apple riding your minimalist fixed bike.

And never mind that you are, in reality, riding an easy-going supermarket bike and that the skyline is not the New York one, iconic too of course, but is a less evocative Italian horizon. It’s the spirit that counts, we may call it an illusion.

Last winter I offered you the review of another Chrome Industries product, the Tusk shoes. Good for pedaling thanks to the Spd cleats seats, comfortable for walking thanks to the same seats well-sunken in the soles.

I told you about the company and I did not hide that I would have liked to introduce their messanger bags to you. Few months later I spoke about it with the communication manager of the American factory, we agreed to talk again at the end of the summer, referring to the new European branch, and now here we are. And I am forced to go back to the iconic concept, as the messenger bags are their business cards.

Their shape is iconic, their technical solutions are iconic and, above all, the beautiful buckle that decorates the shoulder strap.

In the last few weeks I often told you how I missed pedaling just for the pleasure of doing it; and I announced my desire to reduce my commitment to this blog, at least for the tests, that are really exhausting. I test every single detail to my weariness, with the only goal of getting the most complete review. And since I am not able of doing a test in a different way, like not investigating sufficiently or – even worse – skipping the details, I can only reduce their number.

Carefully selecting what may interest you. And, allow me, choosing what I like too.

What I did with this Citizen Messanger: I must confess I always liked it, I admit I am a victim of its iconic charm (one more time…), New York is a wonderful city but we defend ourselves too, I made the mistake of taking away my fized bike due to the lack of space, and it would have been perfect for the photos, I use the bike only for my urban and extra-urban journeys and above all I wanted this bag on this blog.

I wanted to let you know it in every detail because there are many messenger bags, but the Chrome one is unique.

I wanted it so I could feel thirty years younger.

Now it’s here, I’m happy.

Let’s turn the page and let’s go to know it.

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