Elite Workstand Team review

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There are some tools that should never be missing in a cyclist’s house: one of them is a good work stand.

It is not necessary to be a fanatic of mechanics or one of those who, on the evening before each riding, dismount and reassemble the bike. Because the bicycle is, after all, a simple object and, with little periodic care, it will be able to keep us company for many years.

Being able “to hang” the bike in a moment, firmly, makes every intervention easy. There are many operations of routine maintenance that many cyclists give up just because they cannot work easily on that component or sector of the bike.

Oiling a chain by letting it free to turn is more convenient; oiling while being able to change the pinions and the crowns makes the operation faster and more fruitful. An adjustment to the gear that jumps or to that brake that is not perfectly centered are not operations that you can do well and quickly without a work stand. Even cleaning becomes a simple and fun game when you are not forced to invent the impossible to keep the bike up without the stand; the standing one I mean, in this case.

Problem number one: a work stand clutters up, where can I put it if I don’t have a box or a cellar to use?

Problem number two: a work stand is expensive, is it worth?

Problem number three: there are some many types, do I take one with a vise or with attacks for the forks?

The answer to the problem number three influences the other two; those with a vise are practical, you attack your bike, any bike, in a second. And they are also convenient to store the bike when you don’t use it.

Those with attacks for the forks have a superior stability and allow you to act decisively where you sometimes need to exert a certain strength, for example central movements glued by the time.

In this article we will see a vice stand, which solves the first two problems. It takes up a little space when not in use because it is foldable, and has a right price because it is of excellent quality. We delete the third problem, we made our choice 😀

The Italian “Elite” provided it, a company famous for its rollers and its iconic flask holders. But its catalog doesn’t stop here: we have the roof racks, triathlon accessories, oils and creams, flasks, in short, a nice variety.

Why did I choose this Workstand Team model? For a couple of reasons. The first one is obviously my desire to offer you a good work stand; the second one is that I am working on the project to build a racing bike mounted with hydraulic disks and all the stages of assembly will be documented: it seemed a good opportunity to combine the two things.

When I contacted the Elite marketing office a few weeks ago to ask for the availability of a work stand, I pointed exactly to this model, specifying what I would do with it (it is always polite to give summary reports on how a test will be performed), receiving their approval right away.

And they went beyond my request, proposing to send the Workstand Race Pro, in practice the one used by many Gran Tour teams.

I do not deny I would have liked it; and I do not hide that I think that this version Team without Pro, so with a clamp; is more suited for the regular readers of this blog.

To make a long story short, the Elite would have made me happy if they send the Race Pro; I would not have made you happy if I proposed a review of a stand more suitable for those who often work on the bikes; and consequently I could not even guarantee a good visibility to the Company, because it is natural that if I ask for something, then I also must be able to offer an interested public.

Do you think that I select the material for the tests according to what I like? Yes, as well, but your needs come first, and for this I thanked Elite, declined the offer of the Race Pro and asked for the Team that we are going to know. What I do not do for you, eh?

Let’s turn over the page.

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