Chrome Citizen Messenger bag review

The conclusions

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The conclusions


It’s difficult to find a flaw in this Chrome Citizen messenger. Some cyclists I asked to test it in order to have their opinions, have disputed the fact that it is not possible to hook it to the luggage rack; such as the Vaude bag I tested last winter.

It is an inadmissible objection because this is a messenger bag, or this is the ONE, THE MESSENGER: you wear on your shoulder, that’s it. Who needs a luggage bag can look elsewhere.

However, except for this error of perspective, the fact that no cyclist has detected limits or defects, says a lot about the goodness of this bag. To satisfy a cyclist is always a titanic enterprise.

So I have to say I missed something: a small container, maybe a pocket with a zip or Velcro for small items, like the keys of the padlock or the phone.

Obviously it exists, Chrome thought about it, proposing the Access Pouch or the Phone Pouch as an accessory.

Let’say I would have preferred it as a production one:-D

Also because the bag has an excellent ratio quality/price; but it is not cheap, as you must pay for this excellent quality.

You pay the right price, yes; and maybe even a little less, because our Chrome Citizen messenger is made to last and it will keep us company for a long time.

Maybe offering in a bundle both the messenger bag and the pouch could be an additional incentive or a nice initiative. Even if I am a journalist, I am a fan also and identify myself with a cyclist at the moment of the purchase…

But beyond these evaluations which lie outside the results of the test, the fact remains that- on my notes- the columns of defects has remained untouched.

Think about I even devised the pressure washer to create difficulties for it and nothing, everything is perfect.

So with 140 dollars or a range between 130 and 160 Euros as the average price found in internet (excluding in both case the shipment and the customs fees, if any), you bring home an excellent bag and a myth of urban cycling.

The only real difficulty is choosing the model and the size. And here the personal needs come to play; if I had to decide which one to buy for myself, instead of using it for a test, I mean what size would be better for carrying around what I usually do, I would have opted for the Mini Metro. Because, in fact, my load needs are modest: the 15” notebook rarely, often replaced by the 10” tablet; some folder of documents and files, notes, pens, a padlock, keys and little more.

It i salso true that if you have some room, you exploit it; like some gym clothing, inclusing the bathrobe, fits in comfortably. Or the six-bottle beer pack. If necessary, even both:-D

I did not hide from the first lines of this review my passion for this brand and in particular their messengers. And I told you in recent months my desire to select with the usual care what to test but, also, to choose what I like. Because when you do something that you like , your job doesn’t get on top of you, and if this blog would become a burden, I would end up closing it and it would be, I think, a pity.

But regardless of my passion, my commitment to maximum objectivity remains firm, without hiding any limit or defect.

But in this Chrome Citizen messanger I have found any….

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Have a nice pedaling!


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