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The road test

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The road test

Let’s start with he fitting. Comfortable, very comfortable. The padding provides the comfort, the Safe-T Advanced system ensures a perfect holding and the strap adjustment system is easy to use. Remember: the clips must be immediately under your ears. Once adjusted you must not touch them again; for small adjustments, for instance wearing a winter hat or under-helmet hood, it will be sufficient to act on the strap buckle adjustment, that can be easily operated with only one hand.

The free area over your ears is very wide.

The compact and aerodynamic shape prevents the “little mushroom” effect.

The MeT Manta is pony tailed compatible.

I would love to describe and perhaps quantify the aerodynamic advantage offered by this helmet. I can only tell you that something is there, you can feel it when you go fast (me, only downhill, of course…), but if it’s three or ten watts I don’t know.

I know, however, that is not marketing and I know that a technical advantage, any one, benefits both the professional and the amateur. Maybe if you go slower the benefit is inferior,

I know, however, that is not marketing and I know that a technical advantage, any one, benefits both the professional and the amateur. Maybe if you go slower the benefit is inferior, but asserting that any advantage exists since the amateur cyclist cannot feel it, it’s a mistake. I often read it about the wheels, where there are those who say they are all equal, or that, given the modest pace, the one is as good as the other. Let’s picture it here, with a helmet and some almost impalpable values, I guess the skepticism would be complete.


Then I show you another video, shot in the wind tunnel.

So actually you gain something. But the purpose of the test, of my test I mean, is another one: since a gain exists, is it worth sacrificing a portion of comfort for an advantage that none of us, Sundays cyclists, will ever appreciate? Always keeping in mind that the fact that the cyclist cannot estimate it, it does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

And what the cyclist has to sacrifice? Not the weight, not at all. Just 200 grams in the M size is less than most ventilated helmets.

The ventilation? Yes, but much less than I thought before I tested it. I dwelt with a wealth of pictures and words just upon this aspect, because it was just what I wanted to analyze. I can say that, except in those days when I found myself pedaling with 35 degrees (also for the needs of another test: sportswear for high temperatures. There is anything I couldn’t do for you…), in all the other occasions I didn’t feel the lack of the front fit. Just so much fatigue

Using the gel pad, I enjoyed a pleasant cool, the three small slits inside the cap allow an effective ventilation travelling in a high pace (in a low pace they are useless: but this is a helmet for sprinters, in fact there is the Cavendish replica) and especially the strong heat made me appreciate the remarkable effectiveness of the NACA intake with the Venturi’s effect, as well as the excellent functionality of the hot air vents.

I remade the test with a wet bandanna, an empirical but effective system: exam passed to full marks, even better than with the Strale. And in spite of what I imagined, the bandanna quickly dried up even in the frontal zone, just near the closed part, just to be clear.

In short, if someone thinks he can wear it in the winter without a cap under it, should review his plan 😀

Still riding in the strong heat, the only limit of the gel pad emerged: it does not absorb sweat. Which is obvious, that’s all! But whoever sweats a lot will need to wear a band or a bandanna to avoid swear coming to his eyes, thus eliminating any benefit of the gel pad. You cannot have it all.

Its tapered shape and its extreme lightness contribute to keep a high comfort; you practically do not feel the helmet, it’s like you don’t wear it.

The only test I missed was riding in the rain. Not for my fault, but because during the testing days it never rained. Only once but I was out of town. Anyway, I didn’t feel sorry I missed it….

So, in conclusion, we have a very light, comfortable helmet, cooler than I thought and excellently finished. We can go to the conclusions.

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