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How is done

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How it is done

The first thing that stands out when you look at the helmet is the absence of a central opening; only two at the sides, well highlighted in this aggressive coloring with the inner red profiles. Rotating it, instead, you appreciate the wide vent openings, with a rather aggressive look.

The rear openings are so wide that it naturally comes to wonder how much air they will have to extract and especially from where it enters, as the front part is closed. Let’s go into details to better follow the breeze path that will keep our head cool.

The input is managed by the pair of the large intakes on the sides; in turn, side by side with another pair (one on each side) placed on the helmet’s sides. And on the top we find the NACA intake with the Venturi effect, which is also the distinctive sign for the Company’s sport models. So we have seven input intakes, which is not a little.

In equal numbers the vent openings; one on each side and four on the center.

In total, 13 air intakes, and it’s not a little. Let’s continue with the exploration, on the ventilation system we will come back later with a dedicated paragraph.

Let’s leave the helmet in the rear view and let’s dedicate to the fitting adjustment system; in the picture we can clearly see both the “headband” for the neck and the small adjusting knob.

The system is the Safe-T Advanced, reserved for the top helmets of the Company. We have both the classic circumference adjustment and the possibility to scroll up and down in four positions. It’s impossible not to find the best fit for us.

In detail we can see the small wheel for adjusting the circumference and inside the buckle we can slide up and down.

The excursion of the circumference adjustment is already enough to find the most comfortable and secure position for us, thanks to its width.

The system also features a “crown” that wraps the whole head. Just to be clear, it doesn’t just move the band behind your neck crushing your face against the helmet, as it happens with some low-range helmets: here we have a complete structure wrapping your head. A helmet well-steady on your head is a helmet that will properly carry out its duty, it’s not just a matter of comfort.

A video, taken from the official channel, clarifies the functioning of the Safe-T Advanced a lot better than my words.

And since we mentioned the importance of a helmet well-steady on your head, let’s see the strap. Double adjustement: the clips of the Airlite straps system and the classical closing buckle, with a ring to facilitate the adjustment and a small shaped spring to hold the folded area.

Let’s look at how it’s done inside. Removable and washable padding, present in all areas it’s necessary; we can also note that in the frontal area, made inside the safety material, there are three grooves to facilitate the ventilation.

But this is not the only expedient to ensure the coolness: in fact we have the standard gel pad, to mount as a replacement of the front padding.

I talked about it in the Met Strale test and I wrote that I would have liked to try it, but it‘s not standard for the Strale. But you can buy it separately and you can install it on every helmet of the Company. It really keeps your forehead fresh.

Another useful accessory supplied as standard is the transport and storage bag. One side is in soft and robust padded fabric, the other side is mesh fabric. So it’s possible to store the helmet as soon as you get back home, its inside will dry without problems. A little lace assures its fastening.

Not as a standard one, but purchasable as an optional is the very useful led backlight. It has a rechargeable battery and the charging power is provided by the supplied Usb/Micro Usb cable.

You can install it on the band placed on the back of your neck; a groove allows you to preserve the full functionality of the adjustment wheel.

The light can be fixed, flashing or sliding.

In this case too, I prefer to use a video from the official Met Helmets channel in order to show how the light works.

I will never tire of repeating that it is very important to be visible on your bike. Even in the daytime, how many times you must face a tunnel? Always having a little light immediately available is a very important plus. And there is no danger you forget it home, unless you go out forgetting your helmet too….

Eight available chromatic versions, including two replicas of the World Tour team and a special Cavendish replica.

The declared weight is 200 grams, exactly the same I found on this M size I’m testing.

Three sizes available: S, M and L, respectively for circumferences of 52/56, 54/58 and 59/62 cm.

Information taken from the official webpage.

As mentioned earlier, let’s go now to a paragraph solely devoted to the ventilation system, focusing in particular on the air intake with the Venturi effect.

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