Met Helmet Trenta 3K Carbon review

The conclusions

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The conclusions

I wanted this test on my blog, I became keen to the Trenta 3K Carbon as soon as the first images began to circulate. Whenever for some reason I had to contact Ulysse, the Company’s communication manager, in one way or another I included some reference to this helmet.

Why did I want it? Because I do like it, because I cannot remain indifferent to that carbon on sight and because now I do know very well the good qualities of the Met helmets and so I was sure I would have a top product in my hands.

You see, managing this blog became a real job now; it only lacks the salary, indeed, for some months the expenses are far exceeding the advertising revenue.

What makes me do it? The passion. And, being passionate of being able to play with such beautiful objects, let me tell you, it’s a real fun!

Testing this helmet was very pleasant; thanks to the helmet itself, that even for a moment made me regret the choice or feel the effort to go around in the vain attempt to find some fault.

Receiving the white version was perfect, even though I initially asked for the black one, easier to photograph. In the meantime, the complete Bicycle Line’s Aero 2.0 arrived for its test and I found myself, once in a while, to be able to conduct a test with the correct color combination.

You understand that this helmet really involved me and this could generate a false final judgment, but now you read me for a long time and you know that I always manage to separate the visceral cyclist from the meticulous journalist.

It’s a top one of the range, for technical solutions and exclusivity of materials and manufacturing. And it costs accordingly.

In the official shop the price is set at 300 Euro net. A demanding figure if taken alone, without referring it to the helmet.

A reasonable request if you wear it at least once: only in this way you can appreciate it. In all these months I only used this one, even when this test was finished and made up, abandoning it only when I was forced to go out wearing another helmet for a test or for some pictures. And every time, changing my helmet, it was difficult not to think about it, to avoid a confrontation that would have overcome any other helmet I was wearing at that time.

I don’t like to resort to easy anglicisms, but I recognize that the British language, and its unscrupulous use on the other side of the ocean, has a capacity for synthetis and for visualizing a concept that we often struggle to find; and this time I use one Anglicism that translates how you feel when you hold it: luxury.

It’s one of those things we buy not only for their specific function: we buy it because we like it

When I write about a test, I always keep the object of the article close to me or on my desk if it’s small enough. I do this to keep an eye on the protagonist of my evaluations, to compare it with the notes I took in my notebook and for a continuous check, in order to avoid mistakes.

I look at this Trenta 3K Carbon and I do like it; there is very little to be said.

But personal preferences aside, passion aside I should say, I have not spared it the meticulousness I always put in my tests, because even if I do like a bike, an accessory or a component, my duty towards you readers is the same. My good friend Alfonso Cantafora remembers it very well. He, despite his beautiful carrier was the object of one the tests I enjoyed doing the most, never fails to point out that I even checked out the porosity of the logo printed on the bone….

Here, honestly, I have no remarks to make. It would be easy for me to find some “skilled” limit. It means talking a datum, interpreting it in a certain way and passing, in a subliminal way, the concept that if you find a defect, then the qualities are even more valuable, because you are hiding nothing.

It would be easy, for instance, with its weight: 215 grams, heavier than the Manta’s one, which is a full helmet, just to stay in the same Company.

But it is not my habit to resort to these expedients; even because very ventilated helmets, that is with many cracks, require more material to offer an adequate resistance. They have to compensate for the many openings that obviously weaken the structure.

Anyway, 215 grams make it a top helmet, there’s nothing to add.

Many qualities in this Trenta 3K Carbon.

The comfort in the first place, which is the result of a perfect ventilation, a light weight, well balanced, high-quality inner materials.

The dynamic yield, if we want to define it in this way, I mean the feeling of being well protected without even noticing that you are wearing a helmet.

No unwanted draughts, no air improperly conveyed to your ears, no irritating straps.

Very minimal sizing, to the full advantage of the air penetration for those who can develop such high speeds to make it an important parameter; but, and I wrote it about the Manta, the fact that an amateur, at a lower speed, does not feel the any difference, doesn’t mean that they are not there.

A low Cx remain a low Cx, always.

Among the qualities I put the design of the rear area, aggressive without losing elegance.

The only criticism I feel to make is not addressed to the helmet itself but to the standard equipment. Considering the final price, I would have put the front gel pad in the package, at it already happens with the Manta. Maybe, with a little effort, they could add the LED light (very useful, especially thanks to the twilight sensor), or maybe a discount voucher for buying it together with the helmet.

In short, it absolutely worth three hundred Euros, but three hundred Euros are a lot….

In the catalog there is the Trenta version, which costs one fifth less; it preserves all the technical solutions of the 3K Carbon, except the carbon fiber. But that weave on sight, it’s hard to give it up….

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