Chrome Industries Truk Pro Bike Shoe review

The conclusion

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The conclusions

I was looking for an urban cycling shoe with the possibility of mounting the cleats and with an informal look, not immediately identifiable as a bike shoe.

I fund some shoes that it is a pity to relegate only to commute, because I discovered that they offers much more when you use them every day.

They look like normal sneakers, and their performance, if we want to call them like this, are very similar to a non-sporty cycling shoe. However, they are always superior to different trekking models, which often suffer from a too soft sole to be effective once in the saddle.

Pedaling free, the sole has always guaranteed an excellent grip, both using freeride pedals – that have however the plus of the protruding pins – , and normal cycling pedals. The sole is soft to the touch, you don’t feel the shape of the pedal neither its pressure, that would result in discomfort; but it has a sufficient rigidity that allows the thrust without sacrificing the comfort.

Comfort and grip that do not fail even if you use this shoe with the cleat mounted but on a flat pedal. A situation that may seem a contradiction, but you know that during a test I try every possible and impossible situation, it may well happen that you own more than a bike, and that given day you chose to use a bike with flat pedals and you don’t want to disassemble the cleats.

In any case, disassembling them requires a moment, and also mount them correctly, because, we know it, the Spd cleats have a toothing that bites the sole: if it’s necessary to guarantee the grip on one side, on the other one it indelibly marks the contact seat, so to correctly reposition them, it will suffice to copy the shape that is engraved.

But, for me, it’s useless to remove them, as the cleat protrudes almost nothing from its niche and does not cause any discomfort.

Pedaling hooked, the high levels of comfort and performance did not fail. Even after several hours, you don’t feel the pressure exerted by the cleats. You really need to go on journeys that take you very far away from the city and then you start feeling some tingling. It took me four hours, and five to turn into an open bother. Of course, step and cadence, as well as thrust, were not those of a sporting ride, but it remains an excellent result.

Considering that I did not make frequent stops, just one for a quick coffee and then back in the saddle. So little time to make my legs breathe.

Which leads me to recommend these shoes even outside urban cycling, as they can be good companions in trips out of town and in Summer turism.

Summer not because I suffered the cold and the test took place with outside temperatures that went from 4 a 19 degrees in two weeks (in practice it’s like if I tested them in Spring time), but only because they cannot boast the total impermeability of a shoe specifically designed for this.

The breathability is excellent; and, as I just said, I pedaled also with temperatures that were not so cold. In the coldest days, heavier socks were sufficient.

A good idea is the reflective insert at the heel. Every precaution than ensures visisbility (except for reflectors on the pedals…) is always welcomed by me.

Nice to find a second pair of laces, that with their bright red added some joy to the serious all black.

And they also match the embroidered log…:-D

They did not disappoint when I rode the bike, they did not disappoint when I walked. The double use that I was looking for as a guideline for the tests dedicated to the urban cycling was respected.

When you wear them without the cleats mounted, they are completely identical to comfortable walking shoes; and so far nothing strange, they are quality shoes and I expected it.

When you wear with the cleats, they are comfortable too. But if you use a more advanced position of the cleats (some people love pedaling in his tips in the city), there may be a slight contact with the ground. And since they are metal cleats, recessed yes, but if you advance them, their tip protrudes a little, and on slippery surfaces they can cause you lose your grip. Using the correct position of the cleats, i.e. the pedal axis at the metatarsal, there is no problem.

Wearing them I had some fun playing; that has nothing to do with the shoes, but it’s always good:-D

While I am writing this article, I read in the official website that they cost 95 USA dollars: less than 80 Euros at the current exchange rate. Excluding taxes and shipping. Purchasing them in Europe, therefore without the customs taxes, the average price I found on the net is between 100 and 110 Euros , and I prefer to use this to evaluate the quality/price ratio.

Because 95 USA dollars are a very convenient figure for these shoes; but if we add shipping and customs (and I remind you that custom taxes are calculated on the shipping too), then it’s convenient buying them in Europe.

The price is slightly higher than a medium-range Mts shoe, in line with that of many hiking boots with attacks.

But if I consider all the other things I can do with them, and especially how I can do them, then the price seems very reasonable. In practice, I have two shoes in one, with which I can pedal and walk, taking advantage of a classic and always up-to-date look, easily combined with everyday clothing.

I did not expect to be disappointed, I chose Chrome Industries because I already tested the quality of their products; and in fact I was not disappointed at all. And I must confess I was pleased to do tis test, I wanted to publish it and introduce you to this brand.

I hope I will be able in the future to propose other products manufactured by this Company, especially the Messenger bag that I think is the best on the market. We’ll see, for now I have to continue with the other tests on the calendar and I am already work-loaded.

This is the link to the Chrome Industries website.

Have a nice pedaling!

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