Chrome Industries Truk Pro Bike Shoe review

How they are done

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How they are done

Their shape and their appearance are those of sneakers. A classic, simple design, without unnecessary frills. In this black version, the logo embroidered in a bright red gives to them a color note.

The red in the laces that you have just seen doesn’t mean that they are two-colored: in fact, two pair of laces are supplied with the shoes, a red one and a black one. For those wishing to add more color.

Speaking about colors: Chrome Industries proposes, beside this black version, another one called “wrench”, to recall the color of the overalls.

But we continue the exploration with the black ones, less binding for a middle-aged gentleman who has to review them: and to do so he has to wear them…

The upper is in a robuste canvas; the seams are double, very solid.

On the heel there is an insert that is not just a further precaution to ensure robustness: it’s reflective, an extra support for our safety.

Live it shines much more than I can report with my modest skills as a phographer…

The felt pad is softly padded.

There is an external spring that avoids the complete opening and two more, one on each side, are inside; it always stays in place, without twisting.

The large number we see printed indicates the size, obviously in US scale.

These shoes I am testing are, we can see it, a size 8 and half, equivalent to an European 42. In this size the weight I detected is 380 grams per shoe, excluding the cleat. Less than many specialized Mtb shoes.

Inside a comfortable insole covered in cotton.

Removable insoles, with a generous thickness and an anatomical shape, with heel support.

If we remove the insoles, we can see the patch that guarantees the impermeability in the attack area of the cleats.

And now the sole.

It exploits the Dual Density Flex Plate technology: translated, it means a double density that ensures softness and elasticity while walking, and at the same time the necessary stiffness to ride.

By unscrewing the pair of Allen screws, we can remove the rubber flap that conceals the cleats’ attacks.

Two pairs of threaded holes, which slide in length for the correct positioning of the compatible Spd cleats. The Crank Brothers are also good.

The excursion is large enough to let us to find our position.

Once mounted, the cleats do not protrude from their niche: that’s right, they are shoes made for walking and not only for pedaling. Walking also with the cleats mounted I mean, without looking like a tip tap dancer.

The connection with the pedal is always safe and easy; the fact that the cleat is embedded does not affect the maneuver. Only the first few times the movement has to be calibrated well, then you get used to it quickly and you never fail a connection.

In my opinion their best use is with pedals with external cage, where the sole adheres perfectly to the perimeter ensuring greater grip and thrust.

But the nude Spd pedals are good too.

Thanks to the absence of the cage that obstructed the view, I can show better how the fact that the cleats find a case in a niche does not affect the functionality.

In the following two pictures I placed the shoe on a flat pedal with the cleat mounted. As you can see, no step is created. In case you want use sometimes a bike with pedals without connection and you don’t want to remove the cleats.

And now the test on the road: dual because is on the pedals and walking. They serve to this, aren’t they?

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